CharitAppLogo2Have you ever thought that a few dollars represent a life changing opportunity in some places around the world ? And that we could help people so much if there was just a way of connecting to people in need ?

Well, we did and that’s why we created “CharitApp” !

What is CharitApp ? CharitApp is a new application where people in need of charity or humanitarian help can be helped directly in an efficient and personal way. Organizations active in Humanitarian help, charities, ecological causes and more can also use CharitApp !

How does it work ? 

Basically, on one side, you have people who need help. They create an account and fill a form.
On the other side, you have people who want to help. They can see all the profiles of people, community projects, campaigns and organizations who need help, and they can choose who they want to support.

With CharitApp, not only can people help each other in a personal way, they can do it faster and in a more efficient way. And with full transparency !

Detailed explanation

With CharitApp, there are a few options:

First: Whoever needs money can create an account and ask for help. It is easy and fast. People can create personal accounts or group accounts. What’s the difference ?

  • With a personal account, people ask for money for themselves. Therefore they have to talk about their personal life and needs, and how this money will help them. It could be for example to buy food or shoes, or pay tuition fees.
  • With a group account, people ask for money for a group project. Therefore they have to talk about the project in general, all the steps they will have to go through, and how the money will help them achieve their project. It could be for example building a new house in their community, or installing a new well.

This first part is really similar to crowdfunding, but with much lower amounts. So more people can be helped, and it’s more about their urgent needs.

Second: Every International Organisation, NGO and charity organization can open an account and create program pages on CharitApp ! And that’s great.

Because there is finally a CENTRAL PLACE where you can find all the humanitarian and charity help in one place : on CharitApp ! No more need to look for them all over the internet. With such pages, people can directly support any organisation they want. Or they can choose a specific program or campaign, depending on its details. For example, you can choose to support a campaign in general, or support individuals involved in a specific campaign.

The way you help is up to you ! And as CharitApp is based on crowdfunding, the amount you give is up to you too !

To make your contribution more transparent, everytime you choose to support (someone, an organization or a campaign), you get a detailed description about how your money is going to be used, and in what proportion it will be split. By the way, more than 93 percent of every donation will reach the final beneficiaries, all fees included. Compared to about 75 percent with the best current solutions.
Also, to avoid fraud and misappropriation, we use different technological and running procedures. First of all, every individual person is limited to a certain amount of money they can collect. The same with a group of people, except the amount is higher. We also strongly encourage people to share how the help they received changed their lives. We believe this is the best way to convince anyone of providing more help, and more support !

In the end, CharitApp is a amazing technological and innovative tool to charity and humanitarian help.