CharitAppLogo2For donors, it becomes easy to help as they get a better view of the help needed all over the world, a high level of transparency on how their money is used, and a more personal link to people in need.
For beneficiaries, it becomes easier to ask for help and make their needs heard. It is the most dignifying way for them, as they have more control over their lives and they get to make their own choices. On the long run, it is also the best solution to encourage local markets, integrate marginalized populations, increase people’s collaboration and responsibility and to promote safe transition from emergency to stable situations.
For Humanitarian Organisations and NGO, it becomes easier to provide help, analyse situations and reduce their costs. With CharitApp, they can be faster and more flexible, and they can coordinate better the humanitarian response. It also provides them a new way of advertisement and a new source of income !

So as you can see, this project is really going to make big changes. Imagine how life could be transformed all around the world if people could use CharitApp and help those in need, with only a few clics ? The advantages of such a system are amazing and everyone will be winning.